How to walk your dog?

So, here is how things started. Yesterday I walked in the park, sat on a bench and just relaxing. Looking around, I started noticing a girl with her cute Corgi passing by. At first, they walked nicely side by side. After a while, a sparkling yellow butterfly took the dog’s attention. He started pulling his harness very hard to run after that butterfly, dragging his owner behind. The girl had a hard time struggling with her dog. I recalled myself having the same situation several years ago with my naughty dog. So, how to avoid this situation? How to walk your dog nicely on a leash? In this post, we will go through several key points and address the problem.

So, how to walk your dog?


  • A nice and comfortable harness or collar

It is very important to have the right gear for your dog as they are super effective to keep the puppy under your control while keeping them safe and comfortable. A front-attachment harness should be proper to discourage dogs from pulling. Check out some stunning stuff here: dog walking harness. And make sure you choose the right size harness.

  • Reward: A piece of dog’s treat, e.g: cookies. Only you know your dog’s taste!

This is the second important thing to prepare as your pet deserves a small reward every time he/she follows your orders.


Before taking your dog out for a walk, it is important to understand why he/she pulls on the lead. Why do they always try to run away instead of following our lead? This is because something is getting their attention. That’s the key point! There are many distractions out there on the road which could possibly attract your curious dog. It could be a duck, a cat, a tree, other dogs… Therefore, if we are able to get their attention on us all the time, they will walk on our side with a leash. Although this is not an easy work, by training from time to time, probably we will build them a good habit. Below are some helpful steps on how to train a dog from pulling when walking.

  • Decide the side that you prefer to dog to walk with you, left or right (traditionally it would be the left).
  • Walk with your dog on short distances, encourage him/her to go on your preferred side, reward them every time they do right. Later on, we can reward them after a long walk.
  • Call their name after a few steps, get their attention and make sure they are looking at us, reward them each time they do.
  • Every time something gets their attention and they try to pull the lead, stop walking and give a gentle leash pressure on them. It is to remind your dog about your existence, please do not force them to follow you. Praise and call their name to make them run to you again. Reward them for that!
  • Keep practicing till your dog stays under your control all the time.


  • Do not reward them when they pull, especially do not follow the direction of the pull.
  • Reward them each time they walk on a loose leash.
  • Make sure there is no tension when your dog is in the right position.
  • Do not punish your dog for pulling. It is much more effective to train our dogs with positive encouragement and reinforcement.

So that’s it! I really hope you enjoyed the post and have a friendly and fun walk with your dog!



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