How to Measure Your Dog for Collars and Harnesses

Have you ever found it extremely difficult to pick up a perfect fit collar and harness for your dogs? Is this probably too tight? Will it suit my puppy? In this post, we will explain the benefits of using collars/harnesses for your dogs. Then we will guide you on how to measure your dog for collars and harnesses.

So how does wearing a collar/harness help your dog?

  • More control, less pressure

Collars keep your pup under control during walking, not too less or too far away from you. Therefore, with this tool in hand, your dog will stay close to you, safe and sound!

  • Identification


Collar with a small tag of pets’ name and a phone number is like an ID to help to return your dog back to you if he/she ever get lost. Hence, wearing a collar like this around a dog’s neck ensures their identification all the time.

  • Fashion

Cute and catchy collars come with different colors and styles: shining collar, elastic heart collar, leather pet collar with a bell, etc. They are all available for you to choose from. Combining them with proper outfits and as a result, your pets will look gorgeous and unique.

  • Training

Collars can also be a great tool to use when training your dog. With training collars, we can teach our dogs when and where to walk, where to sit as well as some basic commands while keeping them under control.


Dogs come in different sizes and shapes, so instead of picking up collar/harness based on weight, we need to directly measure their sizes for more accuracy.
Prepare either a soft measuring tape or ruler to do so. Personally, we would recommend the tape because it is softer and easier to grasp around your dogs.

Soft ruler

How to measure your dog for collars and harnesses

how to measure your dog

In the following video, we will show you how to measure your dog. If you prefer text, you can skip it and jump right to the text below:



  • Chest: Dog’s chest is usually right behind the armpits of their front legs, in the widest part of the torso. Wrap your measuring tape around that position and note down the number for chest size.
  • Lower neck: the part between the neck and front legs.
  • Upper neck: 1-2 cm up from the neck.

That’s it, now you know exactly which size fits your lovely pets, the next step is to choose proper collars and/or harnesses size for them provided by the manufacturers. In the meantime, you can take a look at our collection:
Collars and Harnesses Collection


  • Two-finger rule: always make sure we have enough room for two fingers between the gear and the dog’s skin.
  • SIZE UP: if your dog’s size stays between 2 available sizes, size up!



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